Ways I wish my education had been different: Part 1 – Programming

From time to time, I look back on my years of education and note that many things could have been done to better prepare me for where I am today. I could reflect on things that could have been done better in elementary, middle and high school, but at this point that was so far in the past that things have probably changed substantially. Instead, I would like to comment a bit about my college education, both undergraduate and graduate, particularly the lack luster way I was taught programming. Continue reading “Ways I wish my education had been different: Part 1 – Programming”

Starting Anew

Some time ago I started a web page where I discussed my research. I fell out of the habit of updating that site, and this morning decided that maybe it was time for a fresh start. I don’t expect many people to ever read this, but perhaps there will be something here that some may find useful. I don’t know if there will be daily updates, but when I feel the need to share something I will try to post that here.