Dear Hillary: An Open Letter as the Convention Begins

Dear Hillary,

As you are aware, we must do everything possible to defeat Donald Trump in the fall. He is a dangerous man who’s rhetoric evokes images of Nazi Germany. Independent analyses have said that his economic plan would cause another recession, undoing all the progress that has been made over the last 7 years. To put it simply (and to use a cliche), the stakes have never been higher.

This is why I’m writing you today. I supported Bernie Sanders during the primaries. I caucused for him along with a clear majority of my fellow democrats here in Manhattan, KS. In fact, your supports had to cede a good portion of their space to allow room for all of Bernie’s supporters. From the level of energy in the two crowds, it was clear that even your supporters weren’t that enthusiastic, and their most enthusiastic chant revealed the reason most of them were supporting your campaign, “It’s time… It’s time… It’s time for a women in the White House.” To be clear, I don’t think a candidates gender should play any role in a persons decision to support particular politicians. Rather, that decision should be based on their policy positions, experience, and ability. My choice to support Bernie over you in the primaries was because of his policy positions compared to yours, and in a general election match up between you and Donald Trump, the same reasoning would have me support you over him.

However, with this in mind, you have a major problem. Bernie’s supporters were very enthusiastic, and they were young. These are the people that will hopefully support the Democratic party in future elections. Most importantly, these are people key to defeating Trump by a landslide. Yet, many of them are not enthusiastic about supporting you at all. With enthusiasm, they may not get out to the polls to vote, they are less likely to push friends to go vote, and they won’t be making any arguments as to why people should support you. If you are going to win, you need to build enthusiasm, and I don’t think you can do that.

Let’s take your VP pick. This was a chance for you to get a large number of Bernie supporters behind you. You didn’t have to pick Bernie to do that, you just needed to pick someone that would have excited his supporters. Elizabeth Warren would have been an excellent choice for that reason. She’s very progressive and many Bernie supporters would have been quite excited to have her on the ticket. However, you chose Tim Kaine because he was the standard, expected, safe choice. A relatively unknown politician from a swing state who will hopefully help you win that state in the fall. Boring.

Combine this boring VP pick which just goes to further your image as an establishment democrat, with the leaked e-mails showing that the DNC was not impartial as it should have been during the primaries and essentially it you’ve done more to split the party and turn off Bernie’s voters to the idea of maybe actually supporting you. You seem incapable of actually getting voters excited. Many of Bernie’s supporters see any attempt you make to move to the left, or try to excite young voters as pandering.

Let’s face facts, Hillary. Your a dull candidate who’s not very good at campaigning. If you really want to defeat Trump, maybe you shouldn’t accept the nomination. Maybe you should push for Elizabeth Warren to head the democratic ticket. Maybe let Bernie take the top spot with the stipulation that you be vice president. I just don’t see you overcoming the lack of enthusiasm for your candidacy, and I have a feeling that more e-mails from the DNC will be leaked that possible show coordination with your campaign to reduce Bernie’s chances of winning. All that will do is ensure that we end up with Trump as president. If you truly this country, put it before your vanity. Drop out.


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